Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Linda needs help (more than usual)

I've crossed a not-so-secret-super-secret knitting project off of my list, meaning I can cast on something new. The problem? I've got analysis paralysis and can't decide what to knit!!

The Cardigan Options:
1) "Currer" from Norah Gaughn.
1) Sylph Cardi from the most recent Interweave Knits.

For those that know me "in real life", which one is more "me"?

I bought some yarn for Currer during the Studio sale, but I just realized/remembered that I can't do math in my head...I bought three balls of Cascade Sierra (a cotton/wool blend), which is about 2 balls short (apparently 192*3 is not equal to 900)***. Ugh! So I would have to stash dive and/or go to the yarn store for either option.

Other stuff on my to-do list:
1) Hat for Scott (some day, some day).
2) Linen tank using the Euroflax worsted.
3) *Something* for the kiddo before he's old enough to refuse my knitty gifts.

****Before you laugh, realize that I just spent ten minutes *with a calculator* figuring out if I would have enough yarn. My early math years were not pleasant. The day I started algebra was one of the happiest of my life (besides getting married and giving birth, of course...)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Knitting Slowly and a Book Review

We've had a crazy couple of weeks at our house, so not much knitting has been getting done. Lincoln was sick all last week (actually, we were all sick last week), and that sapped my knitting mojo. I've been slowly working on an Elizabeth Zimmermann Pi Shawl in the Regal yarn that you saw on my swift. It should make a nice blanket when it's done and I'm hoping the wool softens when it's washed. The pattern is a fun/easy knit but it's just taking a while.

So since there's no knitting I thought I would discuss one of my knitting book "treasures". Rowan's Vintage Knits is a book I had overlooked for quite a while, yet I was pleasantly surprised when I finally took a deeper look. The patterns are gorgeous and while based on "vintage" style, they are timeless. There are feminine cardigans, gorgeous sweaters, and some nice-looking men's sweaters. It includes the typical mix of Rowan designers - Kim Hargreaves, Martin Storey, Sarah Dallas, and many others. I am a *huge* Kim Hargreaves fan, and this collection didn't disappoint as she has "Demi" - a lovely aran tweed sweater that is on my "must knit" list. This collection also includes the "Salina" sweater with button placket and small collar that has been so popular on Ravelry. My other favorites include "Jolie", a low-fastening fitted cardigan with faux-smocking; and "Magnolia", a turtleneck with buttons on the collar. All are very pretty, very girly, and just ask to be knitted in gorgeous yarn. Check out this book next time you're in your local bookstore, or look and see what other folks have done on Ravelry.