Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Searching, once again

It seems these days that I spend more time looking for the *perfect* pattern than actually knitting. I guess that makes me an "idea" woman - perfectly suited for management, I suppose. Not so suited for finishing projects.

My vest is 3/4 done, and I'm on a new quest to find a perfect men's hat pattern. Hubby has requested a hat and I can't refuse. He's already visited the LYS with me (what a nice guy!) and picked out some Nashua Creative Focus Superwash** that is a nce worsted weight. He'd like a beanie-type hat that he can wear around town. Now I'm on a search for a decent man-looking hat pattern or stitch pattern...he already has a basic hat that I've made, and now he wants something more "trendy". Help me, please!

**Note: Hubby actually chose some delicious Berroco Pure Merino, but I did not realize that it's superwash and steered him towards the Nashua instead. I'm tempted to go back to the Studio and surprise him with a hat made with the Berroco...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Completed Sahara

I've been promising photos forever - and finally I have one! Last week I finished Sahara and am pretty happy with the results. Picking up the stitches was just as unfun as I thought it would be, but I slogged through.

Pattern: Sahara - sleeveless version
Yarn: Valley Yarns Goshen (cotton/modal/silk blend)
Size: Small
Modifications: 1 extra set of waist decreases
What would I change in the future? I was between sizes, so I did the larger size with more waist decreases. If I did this pattern again, I would do the smaller size with less waist decreases - as it is, it is a bit large in the shoulders.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

When it rains, it pours

I had some extra knitting time over the long weekend and am proud to say that Sahara is almost done - I just have to finish one sleeve and weave in the ends! YAY!!! As usual, I've finished the garment just at the end of its usable season - Sahara is sleeveless. Hopefully we'll have a few more warm days so I can wear it a bit before it gets packed away in the closet.

This accomplishment means that I can get started on my vest soon. I purchased the aforementioned Knitters magazine on Saturday, and found this little gem at Michaels. It is a modular patternbook that can be used to make different types of sweaters and vests. Very versatile! When I found it, I almost did a little dance because it's so awesome. It's like Ann Bud's sweater book only smaller and a little less intimidating. AND it has a v-neck vest! Depending on how much knitting I get done, I may just do two vests this season. And maybe get them done before next summer.

Bobbi Beast is still languishing in his own personal UFO bag. Poor, armless Bobbi - I will get to you soon.