Monday, March 17, 2008

Swatch Power!!

This weekend I swatched and actually cast-on for Currer! Yay me!!

I am really glad I swatched. The pattern calls for size 8 needles. I first knitted a generous swatch using size 7's (I always need to go down at least one needle size), and was delighted that my gauge was spot-on - both stitch and row. The pattern says row gauge matters, too. I then did the unthinkable...I WASHED my swatch!

Can you guess what happened? My gauge changed! I think it is becuase of the high cotton content of the Sierra. Anyway, I'm glad I waited to cast-on until my swatch was washed.

On to swatch 2...I knited a less-than-generous swatch using size 6's. After washing the still-wet swatch was still off-gauge. I did a little tugging here and there, and ended up with the correct gauge (is this okay to tug your swatch to get the right gauge?)

I have now cast-on for currer using the 6's. I have gone through and converted every reference to "inches" (as in "knit even for 3 inches") to # of rows so that the length will be correct after blocking.

I'm feeling pretty smart right now. Did I do the right thing?

Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Fresh Start (or two)

Below you can see the results of my new swift - which the kiddo now calls "his airplane".  After some serious contemplation I decided to go ahead an knit Currer.  This decision was helped by the fact that after a visit to the "cloffice" (my combination closet/knitting room that was the result of my request to the hubby to let my knitting share his office), I discovered that I actually *had* purchased the right amount of yarn to knit it.

The top yarn is the Euroflax linen from my Valentine swap partner, waiting to become a tank top.  The green yarn is the second ball of Briggs and Little Regal for my Pi Blanket. The blue yarn is Cascade Sierra waiting to be swatched for Currer.
These projects are waiting while I do a quick "in between" project using my stash Malabrigo.